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Football Youth Mini Camp (grades 1-6)

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Bay Reps Golf Outing

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Students at Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools (GTACS) can participate in a myriad of sports activities. Students who participate must keep in mind that they are representing not only themselves, but their school, their community, their church, their parents and their team. We are proud of our wonderful athletic traditions and successes as well as the recognition from the State for our student athletes’ academic excellence.

GTACS recognizes that it is a privilege, not a requirement, to participate in athletics. In addition to the general expectations outlined in the school handbook, all students must adhere to the rules, regulations and athletic philosophy set forth by the Advisory Board, procedures established by the administration, the athletic department and the Michigan High School Athletic Association. See the Student Handbook or consult the Athletic Department for further details.

Coach Contact Information:

Boys & Girls Cross Country 
(High School & Middle School)

Julie Duffing or 231-313-5768     

Kelly Thompson or 231-313-8871
(High School & Middle School)
Ginny Deisler
Girls Swimming
Kelly Smith


Josh Sellers

Junior Varsity
Craig Bauer or 231-645-1717

Middle School
Sean McCardel or 231-631-7111 
Girls Golf 
Craig Ardery or 231-357-3607


Boys Soccer (Co-Op with Traverse City Christian)
Ron Christie - or 231- 649-8300
Boys Tennis 
Paul Bandrowski or 231-313-1954
Girls Volleyball
Rita Jones or 231-883-6535 
Heather Simpson or 231-944-6279
Junior Varsity
Courtney Myers or  231-620-2109
Mark Witczak or  231-218-5452

Current GTACS Athletics offerings

Cross-country running
Cross-country skiing
Downhill skiing
Figure skating
Hockey (co-op)
Lacross (club team)
Pom and dance
Rugby (club team)
Soccer (co-op)

A calendar of our Schools' athletic events and practices can be found at:

Schedule Star (search for St. Francis or enter zip code 49684)

Director of Athletics and Facilities: Tom Hardy      
Assistant to the Athletic Director: MaryLou Middleton

123 E. 11th Street
Traverse City, MI 49684
Phone:  (231) 946-1180
Fax:  (231) 946-0715


FORMS (required)
Athletics Registration Form
Athletics Emergency Information Form
2-Page MHSAA Sports Physical Form 
Concussion Education and Ackowledgement Form 


Forms are also available through the Athletics Office.

Transportation Variance Form

For information about GTACS tennis programs, visit

Bay Reps Hockey Team Website


Graphics Guide


Quality athletic equipment is provided in each sport. Students are expected to care for this equipment and return it at the end of each season. It is to be used only at times indicated by the Head Coach. Students must pay for the cost of replacement equipment which is not returned in good condition, with allowances for reasonable use. A student will not be issued an award until all losses have been recovered.


All athletic injuries, which occur during the course of the season, must be first submitted to the student-athletes family insurance for payment. When personal insurance has been exhausted, the school’s insurance may cover out-of-pocket medical costs (subject to terms and conditions of the school policy). It is imperative that the student-athlete report any injury immediately to the Athletic Trainer so they may complete the appropriate Injury Report Form to the school’s insurance carrier. If this is not filed within one month of the incident, the insurance company will not make payment.

Physical Examination

Each student-athlete will be responsible for the cost of a physical examination and must have on file in the Athletic Director’s office a copy of the report. The GTACS Athletic Department will provide low-cost physical examinations for all senior high and middle school boys and girls in late spring. Participation in practice and games will not be permitted until the forms are on file as stated.


The school will arrange transportation to away and home games where needed and in some cases to practice sessions. Athletes are expected to ride with the team to all contests. Exceptions may be approved by the Coach upon written authorization from the parent. The general rule remains that if the team goes to the away contest together, they travel back to school together.

Certified and appropriately licensed bus drivers will be used. Coaches and/or authorized adult supervisor(s) will be present when transportation is provided by the school.


Eligibility will be adhered to as written in the Michigan High School Athletic Association Handbook, Regulation I. In addition to these regulations the GTACS will institute the following regulations:

  1. To be eligible to participate, the student-athlete must maintain a “C” overall grade and a passing grade in each subject. This will be checked every Monday on a weekly basis during the season beginning when a deficiency slip is issued by the teacher. If a student-athlete falls below these requirements they will become ineligible for participation until the following Monday’s weekly review. If, at this time, the criteria is met, the student will become eligible to participate. A grace week will be given the first time the student-athlete does not meet the standards. This is a one-time grace period for the entire year. The student-athlete must continue to complete the eligibility form every Monday until notified to stop by the Athletic Director.

  2. The student must earn a passing grade in each subject at the conclusion of each grading period. If a student-athlete fails any subject, they will be ineligible for the entire nine-week period. In order to become eligible after a nine-week ineligible period, the student-athlete must pass all of their classes that grading period. The student-athlete may request in writing to the Athletic Director, a mid-term review, at which time the ineligible students grades will be reviewed and evaluated. If significant improvement has been made, the student may be granted a mid-term waiver and may become eligible to participate beginning the sixth week of the quarter. This written request must be issued to the Athletic Director before the end of the fifth week of the grading period.

  3. The student-athlete must be in attendance on the day of each contest or practice. Doctor appointments, etc., must be excused in advance by the Principal. Missing an entire class or more for illness or an unexcused reason means ineligibility for that day. The Principal will make the final determination.

  4. On the school day following extra-curricular activities, the student-athlete must be in school on time, unless an emergency arises. Since the academic day takes precedence over extra-curricular activities, anyone who is habitually tardy or absent the day following a contest will be limited in future extra-curricular participation and, if necessary, dropped from the team.

  5. A physical examination must be on file in the Athletic Director’s office in order to participate in practice sessions and games.

  6. Both the Acknowledgement and Participant/Parent Permission forms must be signed by the appropriate persons and on file with school personnel in order to participate in practice sessions. The Acknowledgement form must be completed yearly while the Participant/Parent Permission form must be completed seasonally.

Grades 7 & 8

Cost for athletic registration: $60 per sport per student

If a 7th or 8th grade student-athlete fails a class the fourth quarter, they will begin the first quarter of their 8th or 9th grade year on academic/extra-curricular probation and will be ineligible to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Grades 9-12

Cost for athletic registration: $75 per sport per student

If a student-athlete fails a class the fourth quarter, they will have the opportunity to register in summer school in order to earn a passing grade in the class that they failed. If a passing grade is earned, they will be eligible to participate during the first quarter of the upcoming school year.

For additional information, please consult the Student Handbook or contact the Athletic Office.



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